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Ode To Bones: A lesbian exploration of feminine beauty depicted in free verse poetry.

Head with Broken Pot (1942) Georgia O'Keeffe

‘Head with Broken Pot’ (1942) by Georgia O’Keeffe

It was the bones that seduced you. The eyes would be nothing without them;

the bones lifted you to them.

The bones: prominent and high set. Skin spread over – smooth and perfect.

A stone under fine sand.

The bones: tilting the face towards the high heavens – divine perfection.

Atonement for the damned.

The bones sculpt a high slope to climb;

to slip down their curves;

to fall onto lips.

The bones: even, symmetrical – divisible elegance.

The naked face of Fibonacci’s skeleton.

The bones…so soft…a slow ripple in the face…

The bones of the jaw, however: fine cut and merciless.

A clean edge with nothing to grip

– an airborne gaze tumbles onto the indents of the neck,

the hems of fabric,

the arch of breasts…

The bones were erotic, I’m telling you.

The bones alone seduced you.

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