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"I fear that many readers resonate with the narrator because they (rather narrowly) view her as an example of a woman so jaded she has become unbothered by society’s expectation of tiresome female niceties. However, my issue with this take is that it seems to suggest that the default state of women would be this narrator; that if every woman were to just let go, we might become just as unfiltered as she is. This becomes an issue when you consider the author’s problematic use of marginalised groups, whose offensive, racist or ableist descriptions are sprinkled throughout the text as a way to further the narrator’s deep sense of cynicism."

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I’m Louisa (she/her). I’m a twenty-something from California, but I've lived in London for the past decade. I have a background in English literature and media studies, and I currently work as an Editorial Assistant in the UK! In my spare time I enjoy reading, recording episodes of my horror film review podcast The Monstrous Feminine, binge-watching TV shows, and (somewhat obsessively) tending to my houseplants.

Uncanon Books consists of book and other cultural reviews designed to challenge and expand the canon with a focus on BIPOC and/or LGBT+ content.


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